GRAPHICS.COM.NG is an International based website which specializes in online and offline business such as website design and development | e- commerce solutions | Online wealth solutions and service | Graphics Development | Computer Programming ...optimization and website optimization. We work with small to medium sized businesses individual clients as well as leading brands to create comprehensive online marketing and graphics campaigns. We get to know each company so that we can offer content and design that suits the company. Whatever the scope of each project we create a solution that is designed to meet your needs. Our team is dedicated to service delivery and committed to get your business flourishing. Our approach to every design project is to find out not only what you want but what your site visitors will need to make their visit a success. We involve you in every step of the process and build on your thoughts and ideas. Then we draw on our broad expertise with choosing typography | photography | graphics and technology to optimize how your brand and products are presented. And most importantly to get the visitor to do what you want them to do on the site. Our clients cover a wide-range of industries and are located all Nigeria for now.
GRAPHICS.COM.NG is Nigeria Best website for Graphic Designers | Web Designing | Animations etc. and was hosted by: Kabir Bathex Fashola alias Donbathex in the year 2015 To help cater for the Design needs of Nigeria youths After much deliberation & consideration Bathex a diligent and qualified Web/graphics designer decided to build and develope the site from scratch with the sole aim of proffering quick comprehendable solutions for the average Nigeria youths Designing concern.we know that The site which was met with welcome approval at its inception for its cool innovative style has over the month became Nigeria most celebrated & best loved graphics website. Although the site was designed to cater for the Nigeria youths taste for Digital Designing experience. the site has undergone various metamorphosis & upgrade to include great features that offer countless solutions to all designing problems & anomalies for both phones and PC & also a Collection of Tutorials for Symbian phones | i Phones | touch screens | androids | Walcom Tablets |PC & Others. Being an ingenious mastermind the likes of My space | Eskimi and facebook Linked In owners Bathex also sought to curb & reduce the ever growing unemployment plague in this great nation of ours by employing all Nigeria youths to make productive use of their internet time by making legitimate money online He even went as far as producing books & tutorial guides to help get everyone including the novices acquainted with it. DonBathex a competent analyst is always on the lookout for new & upgraded technique programs etc. that might be useful to the Youths & He also organizes seminars & training workshops with other professionals to share his thoughts. But what more can be said for a successful innovator & is giving kudos to his ever- productive Admins who He said & I quote Are the Backbone of GRAPHICS.COM.NG
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